GTA is such an unrealistic fantastical game. i mean these days the cops are pulling out tanks at 2 star rating at least

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I’ve taken off my glasses cause of my headache and someone just walked by and waved, but I have no clue who it was cause they were more than 5 ft away. :P

#tbt Even as a child I felt most comfortable when walking around in my underwear.


i love tumble mobile because my dash does not load. its not ther its just not ther its just me and my thoughts . really cool and iam alone

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I hate when it’s humid in the morning and I go outside and ruin my hair that I just straightened. :P I need to buy some more anti-frizz stuff.

I can’t explain what I mean. And even if I could, I’m not sure I’d feel like it.
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when she sucks ya dick without you asking



just seen this on twitter. lord have mercy. god is real.

is this heaven?

Is this real life?Or is it just fantasy?Caught in a landslideNo escape from reality


It wasn’t an error. All of those people were advertising false weight lost products to their follower base for money. They were using their target audience of insecure teenagers to sell weight lost pills so they can get a few extra bucks.

This is how pizza got deleted btw



So you telling me that the U.S has completely cured the American doctor with Ebola in 26 days and he’s being released today. While Africa has been dealing with it since the 70’s and they are still looking for a cure.


Are we surprised?